Why SanitizeAddicted

UV-C LED technology to disinfect and sanitize

UV-C rays allow to sanitize any material and surfaces in just a few seconds, eliminating 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses, germs and fungi.

UV-C LED technology can support and simplify many tasks. Risk evaluation now includes the ability to ensure maximum disinfection for your employees and customers.




The ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) it’s a sterilization method that uses ultraviolet (UV) light at the UV-C wavelength.

UV-C rays modify the DNA or RNA of microorganisms and thus prevent them from reproducing or being harmful. UV light has been considered a cellular mutagen for more than a century.

It is used in a variety of applications, such as disinfection of food, water and air.


Our UV-C devices are easy to use, thanks to innovative technology they are able to sanitize surfaces and objects in seconds.

Indicator lights ensure correct operation and allow you to complete the sanitization process in a practical and safe way.


All SanitizeAddicted products are designed and manufactured to guarantee maximum safety to its user.

The sanitization process is activated only under certain conditions to avoid radiation and exposure to those who use the device and those in the immediate vicinity.

UV-C rays, if used correctly, do not damage any type of material or fabric and can be used safely to sanitize objects, clothing or surfaces.


The use of SanitizeAddicted devices reduces the purchase of consumables such as tester brushes or surface disinfection chemicals.

It also reduces the costs necessary to sanitize fabrics or other more delicate materials, which require specific interventions by qualified personnel.

Power supply via rechargeable lithium-ion battery and UV-C LED source ensure prolonged use of the device and energy savings.


Thanks to the UV-C LED technology of our products, it will be possible to avoid the use of tools and devices, such as disposable masks, tester brushes, and also reduce the use of chemicals for surfaces and objects.

In a few seconds it is possible to sanitize any type of material. Less plastic, less waste, more safety.

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