Our exclusive education services

If you have a SanitizeAddicted device, we are ready to support you with a unique and exclusive service.

We offer you a precise and reliable online training tool, complete with a final questionnaire on the acquired knowledge and qualification certificate.

We will make sure that you can use SanitizeAddicted UV-C devices safely and profitably for your business, to give your customers the security they need.

Why online education?

We want to make sure that you are properly informed, which is why we have thought to provide you with specific training, so that you are aware of the characteristics of our products and all aspects of UV-C disinfection.

There are so many companies offering everything, we want to make a difference!


To inform and train you correctly about our products and UV-C LED technology.


To give you the flexibility you need, without worrying about time and place.


Disinfect air, surfaces, clothes and objects in complete safety for you and your customers, learning how to use our UV-C devices in the most correct and effective way.

More safety, more attention, more satisfied customers.


Find out how to build customer loyalty by offering a service that from now on will be increasingly necessary and appreciated by customers.

Improve the reputation of your store and take advantage of new opportunities for success.


We explain what is behind this innovative technology and provide you with all the tools and information on why UV-C disinfection is so effective, while also teaching you to distinguish between the various degrees of "sanitisation" possible.

A new method to protect yourself.


How does it work?

A truly innovative way for our training service.

Access the platform with the account provided, use our unique online training mode, learn how to use our devices and deepen your knowledge of UV-C LED technology interactively, from your computer or smartphone.

Login Safely Online

All you need is your SanitizeAddicted account to access our secure and protected e-learning platform dedicated to our customers.

whenever and wherever you want

The training contents are always available, you can use them at any time and in any place, to give you all the flexibility you want.

Use your PC or Notebook

Use our training tool from your Windows PC, Apple or Linux at home or in the store, just open our website!

Use your Smartphone or Tablet

Learn in complete mobility, from your Android or Apple Smartphone, when you're on the go or during a relaxing moment.

Easy and fast online education service

Interactive chapters

Formulated and informed with our exclusive online training, we will address these issues in a simple but comprehensive way:

  • UV-C LEDs: chemical-free sterilization!
  • UV-C disinfectant solutions
  • Safe use of the products
  • How SanitizeAddicted will make you sell more

Knowledge test

Find out if you have all the key information about SanitizeAddicted's products and technology.

Test your skills with our interactive test.

Scopri se hai acquisito tutte le informazioni fondamentali sui prodotti e sulla tecnologia di SanitizeAddicted.

Prova le tue competenze con il nostro test interattivo

Qualification certificate

That's great!

By completing the training, you will be awarded a certificate of qualification for the correct use of UVC disinfection devices.

Now you're ready to use our devices in your shop safely and have all the tools to increase customer loyalty!


Choose the the innovative SanitizeAddicted products and our specific and exclusive Training

Your business can besafermore innovativedifferent

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  • Personalized counselling to choose the best sanitizing tool to meet your needs
  • Exclusive service of online education
  • After-sales service in case of malfunction or failure
  • 2 year warranty