Tube Sanitizer

The UV-C tube to disinfect all surfaces

Tube Sanitizer disinfects any surface or material in seconds thanks to UV-C LED technology.

Few simple gestures to remove 99.99% of germs, bacteria and viruses and avoid the risk of contracting infections by touching infected material.

A practical and quick solution to quickly sanitize all surfaces of places open to the public and working environments, avoiding the use of chemicals.


Different dimensions to disinfect each surface

Tube Sanitizer is available in different sizes:

  • Tube Sanitizer 25 cm to sanitize small surfaces, such as the POS keyboard or small objects.
  • Tube Sanitizer 50 cm for larger surfaces such as coffee tables and seats.
  • 150 cm Maxi Tube Sanitizer for sanitizing environments and very large surfaces.

How to use

Tube Sanitize works quickly and easily.

To sanitize the surface it is sufficient to pass Tube Sanitizer 5 times above it remaining at 2 cm distance.

For safe use it is necessary to use protective instruments such as gloves and glasses and not to radiate directly on skin and eyes.

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