Beauty Tester Sanitizer

The world’s first patented make up tester sanitizer

Thanks to UV-C LED Technology, Beauty Tester Sanitizer sanitizes in just 5 seconds brushes and testers for make-up, in particular applicators for mascara and lipstick.

Removes up to 99.9999% of germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Sanitizeaddicted allows you to sanitize your make up testers in seconds, eliminating the risk of contracting viruses or infections by trying a beauty product.

An extra safety for the consumer and an opportunity to profit from make up testers and makeup stations.

A service that adds a 'value experience' within the store and eliminates any risk, increasing the ability to try the desired product.

Grazie alla UV-C LED Technology, Beauty Tester Sanitizer sanifica in soli 5 secondi pennelli e tester per il make up, in particolare applicatori per mascara e lipstick.

sanitizer di make up tester

Compact solution, total safety

Beauty Tester Sanitizer is patented to work only in total occlusion, without risk of exposure to UV rays by the user: the disenfection process is activated only after inserting the brush correctly tester.

It can be placed on all make-up displays or makeup stations, ensuring hygiene and safety.

Thanks to Beauty Tester Sanitize, your customers can enjoy a complete and safe experience in your store or in your beauty salon, without risking infection.

How to use

The operation of Beauty Tester Sanitize is simple and fast: to operate it simply insert the brush to sanitize in the compartment, the automatic closure detects the presence of the applicator and seals the opening to avoid dispersion of UV rays.

Only after inserting the brush correctly, Beauty Tester Sanitizer starts its disinfectant action, after 5 seconds, a green light indicates the end of the process and you can remove the applicator.

If the brush is removed before 5 seconds, the sanitization process is invalid and a red light indicates the disinfection failure.

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