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Our company was founded in 2019, before the health emergency that involved Italy and most of the world, with the aim of providing safe, effective and fast sanitizing products.

SanitizeAddicted S.r.l. was born from in-depth studies on new disinfection methods focusing in particular on the new UV-C LED technology.

Our first product, conceived and patented in December 2019, is the Beauty Tester Sanitizer: the world's first patented sanitizer for makeup tester.

Today, the disinfection of objects and surfaces is becoming an increasingly important aspect of our lives and will continue to do so in the future.

This is why we have accelerated and created other products like Tube Sanitizer and Box Sanitizer, devices to sanitize objects, surfaces and fabrics in a few seconds, using the same technology of the first patent.


UC rays to sanitize within seconds

UV-C rays are emitted by the sun, but are shielded and almost totally absorbed by our atmosphere, as they are a radiation.

Thanks to LED technology, they can now be reproduced in a targeted manner and can be used to disinfect any material.

More effective than alcohol, they eliminate up to 99.9999% of bacteria, germs and viruses when used correctly.

UV-C rays are able to disinfect surfaces, air and water; for example, the new aqueduct in New York City is built using this new technology for water purification.

Like all disinfectant products, they can be harmful and special care must also be taken when using UV devices.

UV-C Led technology to disinfect any material

We create Made in Italy solutions to improve people's lives, with an eye to retailers all over the world.

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