The safety you need

Disinfection in few seconds

No more risk of infection:

surfaces and fabrics completely disinfected thanks to SanitizeAddicted


A new solution patented to disinfect any kind of material or surface like make up testers, objects, clothes or shoes.

A smart way to sanitize, safe and easy to use.

99.9% efficiency on bacteria, germs, viruses and fungi.


Our disinfection products

Devices with UV-C led Technology to sanitize surfaces, objects, clothes and accessories


Innovative technology, easy to use.
In few seconds it disinfects testers, objects, surfaces and fabrics


Is important to choose tools that don’t damage our planet. With SanitizeAddiced less chemicals, less plastic, more security.



Hygene guaranteed: the UV-C technology destroys 99.9% of germs, bacteria and fungi.
Safe to use, designed and manufactured to avoid harmful dispersion of UV-C rays.


The UV-C led technology allows you to eliminate the costs associated with the purchase of consumables. In addition, the lithium battery, which is rechargeable like a smartphone, and the UV-C LED ensure prolonged use and energy savings.

SanitizeAddicted: contained dimensions, total security

All our sanitizing products are designed to take little space and ensure maximum disinfection in every context, to help retailers all over the world.


LED UV-C: sterilize without chemicals

How UV-C operate

UV-C rays destroy DNA of germs, eliminating their chance of multiplying. The DNA, RNA and proteins of microorganisms absorb ultraviolet light from the UV-C LED triggering a photochemical reaction that breaks the chemical bonds of DNA and inactivates bacteria, viruses or fungi, blocking their reproduction and growth. The degree of disinfection is a variable that can be measured.


Efficient and safe disinfection with UV-C LED

SanitizeAddicted uses UV-C LED technology to neutralize germs, bacteria and fungi that can remain on surfaces, objects and fabrics after only one touch. Thanks to the strength of UV-C rays our disinfection tools allow to sterilize any material, killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria.


is granted with


The ideal solution to guarantee the maximum disinfection in any context: from shops to offices and places open to the public.

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